About Us

SITECH Consulting, P.C was founded in 2004. We are a Professional Corporation specializing in environmental consulting. SITECH specializes in environmental assessment and consulting during commercial and private real estate property transfer.

We apply a very personal yet professional approach to an industry wracked with impersonality. That same industry is also fraught with high risk, environmental liability and potentially devastating financial burden in an environment where regulations are constantly changing and diverse from State to State. SITECH Consulting, P.C will provide accurate data to our clients of the real and also perceived risk associated with commercial and private property transfer or acquisition.

We also offer “cradle to grave” of consulting for Phase 1, Phase II and Phase III/Corrective Action Assessments. We are located in the Research Triangle Region of North Carolina and our mission statement is simple “from Contamination to Profit….We Make it Happen!

If you feel you are facing a tough real estate closure due to environmental problems or don’t know, don’t despair. We have over 20 years expertise resolving some of the most complex and challenging real estate portfolios to the satisfaction of the seller, buyer and most importantly the lending institution.

The majority of our work is EPA or State driven. Among other services, we perform environmental assessments to protect a purchaser, and their bank if they are using one from environmental damages from a contaminated site, commonly referred to as “Due Diligence”.

About Us