Storage Tank Investigations

One of the more common issues identified with a property is the past or current use by an underground storage tank or UST.

UST's come in various sizes and contents from the smallest of approximately 270-gallon and typically used for residential heating oil to the much larger commercial tanks used on gas stations for commercial sale and typically in excess of 6,000-gallon capacity.

In most States heating oil tanks are regulated differently that larger commercial type tanks. In every case however, once the tank has leaked the step by step process to limit future release, minimize exposure and perform assessment and clean-up is the same.

SITECH Consulting, P.C. has direct experience in UST removal, soil sampling and mitigation methods with our ultimate goal being the No Further Action Letter from the appropriate regulatory body.

To date on sites, which have had a release and which we have performed clean-up we have a 99% success rate in obtaining No Further Action.

We offer full UST inspection and assessment services including:

  • Tank Removal and Disposal
  • Contaminated Soil Removal and Disposal
  • Soil Sampling
  • Line Removal and Disposal
  • Liquids, Sludge's and Free Product Removal and Disposal
  • Turn Key Services
  • Regulatory Consulting Services

All work is performed by OSHA approved and Licensed Contractors. Certificates of Disposal are provided for Regulatory Submission in accordance with appropriate State regulatory agency.